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Moscow is a city that is known for its beautiful cathedrals and astonishing palaces, which makes the skyline of Moscow a feast for the eye. Since 2016, Moscow also has a new restaurant. Restaurant ‘Mushrooms’ is located in the Yakimanka District, and is therefore situated in the center of the city. Mushrooms has a menu with European as well as Russian influences, with the mushroom as central ingredient at any time. With its robust interior and natural colors, Jess Design completed the image with our design furniture.

Jess in Moscow

The architects of Archpoint have in relation to the interior design aimed towards a classical and robust style, where Jess Design furniture can not be missing. The Sanne, a chair that is available with or without armrests, can be found in the restaurant. 

Furthermore, Norman barstools have found their way in the restaurant, which gives the restaurant a stubborn and self-willed look and feel.The perfect surroundings to give the mushroom a chance in one of the most beautiful and underestimated cities in the world!

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