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Sint Petersburg - Russia

41st Floor

41st Floor is located In the vibrant center of Saint Petersburg, and contains a very diverse kitchen. The restaurant has opened a couple of months ago, with the open kitchen as one of the most important characteristics of the company. Moreover, given the fact that the restaurant is located on the 41st floor of the Leader Tower, an astonishing view over the city of Saint Petersburg is the result. The city has developed into a popular tourist attraction with its 18th and 19th century architecture.

41st floor and Jess

The atmosphere in the restaurant can be described as modern and atmospheric, and the design furniture of Jess Design have found their way into the interior. At 41st Floor, we are represented with couches, dining chairs and bar stools. Amongst other design furniture our RAZ couches and RAZ chairs, designed by Hans Daalder, can be found in the restaurant.

The natural materials and smaller frames give the restaurant a lively atmosphere. In the end, this results in a pretty image, with an important role for the architects of Archpoints. A restaurant that, partly because of Jess Design, literally and figuratively can rise towards big heights

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